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Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a highly effective way of getting very quick results from your advertising spend. Paid search ads like Google Adwords appear alongside or above natural search results. PPC is most often used to refer to Google Adwords, but also covers other paid search methods like FaceBook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Bing Ads.

Managing an Adwords campaign well will bring you very high quality leads. By targeting your adverts carefully you will ensure that you maximise your return: the visitors that come to you are more likely to be very interested in your products or services meaning you have a higher chance of converting those leads.

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What is PPC?

We get asked a lot of questions about PPC and the most common question is simply “what is it?” This short explainer video covers the basics, using Google Adwords as an example.

PPC Managed Service

As part of your managed PPC service we will give you:

Competitive Research –  benchmark against your competitors, audit your keywords, devise a bespoke strategy to increase your market share.

Targeting – from location to devices, from negative keywords to time of day, we manage the campaign parameters for best performance.

Keyword recommendations – identify the keywords you should be targeting and the keywords you shouldn’t!

Copy writing – the quality of your ad copy does affect where your ad appears, we continually review how your copy performs.


Things our clients have said about our Adwords campaign management:

MXA Digital have made a noticeable difference to the level and quality of enquiries received.

MXA Digital deliver what they promise. We have an excellent working relationship with the team.

MXA Digital definitely offer value for money in the amount of time they invest in making our marketing work.

Their communication is excellent.

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Maximise your return

To get the best value from your PPC campaigns you need to manage it carefully. We have Google Certified professionals to manage your Adwords campaign and ensure you are targeting your ads effectively. We take the time to understand your business and your markets so that we can tailor your service to provide the best return.

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