File Extension EPUB

EPUB file open

What is .EPUB file?

Files with the file extension EPUB are very popular these days. To be able to properly open a file in EPUB format, you must install the appropriate software. The rest of the page includes a table with the most popular software that works with EPUB files.

After installing the program, simply double-click the EPUB file you want to open. The operating system should automatically associate the files in EPUB format with the installed software. If this has not happened, you will have to do it manually - right-click on the file EPUB, then select the "Open with" option and indicate the installation folder of the appropriate software.

How to open .EPUB file?

# Windows
1 Sony Reader
2 Calibre
3 FBReader
# Mac OS
1 Adobe Digital Editions
2 Sony Reader
3 FBReader
# Linux
1 Calibre
2 FBReader
3 KDE Okular
# Android
1 Sony Reader
2 FBReader
3 OverDrive Media Console for Android
# iOS
1 iBooks
2 Stanza
3 OverDrive Media Console for iPhone