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Why you shouldn’t focus on position 1

A question that we’re all familiar with is ‘can you get me to position 1 on Google for keyword x?’ The answer to this question has two parts – why we cannot do that and why it’s not in your interest to focus on that.

For the first part, nobody should promise to get you to to number 1 and Google themselves state very clearly that no one can guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google.  Google rankings also vary according to things like location.

Secondly, looking at getting to number 1 for a keyword is not of itself necessarily of great value – especially if that keyword is not going to lead to profitable business for you! What we look at for our prospective customers is what keywords are likely to drive better conversion, what great content can you write that will encourage sharing and lead people to contact you, and how can you make your website better and of more value to your visitors.

By focusing on choosing the right keywords, not the ones you think you can get to number 1 for, and the areas that always matter in SEO – high quality content, good site design, encouraging visitor interaction – your site can rank highly and bring in more business for you. And that’s more important than focusing on a specific keyword position.

Smart Business Show follow up

We had a great 2 days in Dublin last week, meeting great people and having some really good conversations about SEO and what that means to different people. Encouragingly we found that most people have a better idea of what search engine optimisation is and why it’s so important than previously and we hope that some long term relationships will come out of our meetings.

Although footfall at the show was way below what had been expected, those that did visit seemed to be more engaged and more interested in what was on offer than a lot of visitors to last year’s show. Feedback from other exhibitors was mixed, with some seemingly very disappointed and others, like us, pretty upbeat about the two days. While it’s always great to have more people in, and there were definitely times when we could have been kicking our heels on the stand, we made the most of the time we had to engage with other exhibitors and to take in a couple of talks.

Overall it was a good experience and we expect to be at next year’s event – hopefully the weather will be as fantastic as it was last week!