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Natural Search Growth 2015

Google have already announced that mobile traffic is beating desktop traffic for the first time this year – and it’s likely that this has contributed greatly to the rise in natural search. Natural search is not slowing down and in almost all cases is growing faster than other digital marketing channels. Another factor in the continued growth of natural search traffic is the increased confidence in the business and consumer markets that is encouraging online transactions. So what does this mean for you and your marketing team?

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Social and mobile signals are increasingly important

No real surprise here, but in 2015 we are seeing much more importance given to social signals and mobile devices when looking at search engine rankings.

If you are to maximise your results for boosting your search engine rankings, you need to have a credible social media presence and cerate content for it regularly. So for Facebook, Google+ and others, it’s vital that you have good content and up to date information. If you produce content for Facebook that is liked 2,000 times, it won’t on its own have a big impact on your search results. But if somebody at a publishing house picks up that post and adds it to their website, then you’ve got a quality trusted link that absolutely will help improve your rankings.

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