SEO – to DIY or to outsource?

There is a lot of search engine optimisation work that you could do yourself, given the time to learn what’s required – but should you? Which option is best for you? That depends on your business. If you’re short of time then we recommend that you outsource your SEO work – and if you do have the time to learn some SEO techniques then there are still elements that we feel are best carried out by specialists.

So what are the pros and cons of each option?
Doing Your Own SEO work

  • Cheaper – as long as you have the time
  • You’ll know exactly what is happening on your website
  • You can troubleshoot problems yourself


  • It will take a lot of time
  • There’s a lot to learn
  • It’s easy to make a mistake that could negatively affect your ranking
  • Google’s search algorithms change frequently and you need to be on top of them

Many companies choose to outsource their SEO work, because it can easily suck up valuable time that detracts you from running your business.

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