June 2015

Natural Search Growth 2015

Google have already announced that mobile traffic is beating desktop traffic for the first time this year – and it’s likely that this has contributed greatly to the rise in natural search. Natural search is not slowing down and in almost all cases is growing faster than other digital marketing channels. Another factor in the continued growth of natural search traffic is the increased confidence in the business and consumer markets that is encouraging online transactions. So what does this mean for you and your marketing team?

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How do you know where your website ranks? Personalised search explained.

Have you ever noticed that your website, or that of a competitor, sometimes appears in a different place depending on where you are searching from? If so, you’re noticing the effect of personalised search – and if not, having read this article, you will start noticing it now!

Personalised search means that search engines are trying to present you with as relevant information as possible, which means that your own browsing habits can affect the search results that you see. For example, sites that you like and visit often will show up higher in your search results than if you had never visited those sites.

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