YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting platform – but more than that, it is a search engine that has a higher number of monthly searches than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and combined, over 3 billion searches a month! Using carefully targeted video adverts, YouTube is a fantastic way to reach your target market and increase leads and sales. YouTube Ads can be shown not only on YouTube itself but also across Google partner sites and the Google Display Network.

How We Can Help

If you’ve got a great video but aren’t sure how to get the most out of it, get in touch and we can help you get it in front of the right people. YouTube is a fantastic platform for showcasing your expertise or products. We can place your ads by targeting the audience based on their interests, demographic, or of course, the keywords they are searching for.

Imagine that a potential customer has a problem and they are browsing or searching YouTube and your video ad plays. They click on your ad, visit your website and become a customer. Simple, isn’t it? With the right video ad and the right placement, it can be. If you need help creating an amazing video, get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with our creative partners.

Call to Action

We find many of our clients forget to add a call to action on their videos – and that’s understandable because making a great video is hard work. Remember the primary reason you create a video ad – to drive potential customers or repeat customer to your site. We can help you create compelling calls to action to include on your videos so you increase your chances of converting those views to customers.

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