PPC – Pay Per Click

Paid search marketing is different to traditional advertising. You pay only when someone clicks your ad (which is why it’s called Pay Per Click , or PPC). This means if you have a well-designed and managed paid search campaign, you will drive very targeted visitors to your website, increasing your number of quality leads and sales. When we talk about Paid Search or PPC, we are primarily referring to Google AdWords, Google Display Ads across the Google Display Network, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads and Social Media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our PPC campaign process

Understanding you and your customers

By building an understanding of our customers’ goals and their customers’ drivers we can build campaigns that stand out and engage. From reviewing our clients’ websites through understanding the products and services they’re selling, to identifying the best target audience for paid search and evaluating landing pages to help optimise conversion, our paid search campaigns and management deliver measurable results.

Did you know?

  • The top 3 ads get over 41% of the clicks
  • Customers clicking on a paid ad are 50% more likely to purchase than an organic visitor
  • When consumers are ready to buy, 65% of them will click on an ad.

Why do we focus on AdWords?

It’s a simple numbers game – Google dominates the world’s search volume, had the largest display network and YouTube (owned by Google, of course) is the largest video platform and the world’s second largest search engine! If that isn’t enough, the majority of searches online now come from a mobile device, and Google is responsible for 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile.

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Why MXA?

We make sure your PPC campaign is tailored to suit your requirements and budget, make sure you deliver to your target audience, and provide you with monthly reports to demonstrate that your campaigns are delivering results.

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